From 3 minutes to 3k

Man running in a gym on a treadmill concept for exercising, fitness and healthy lifestyleToday I’m feeling proud of myself.

When I first started going to the gym I could barely run 3 minutes without the ankle giving me trouble. Now it’s a very different story.

I worked up to 10 minutes, running at 9.0 (whatever that is). Then I worked up to 9.5 and then did 11 mins.

Today I set the machine for Heart Rate, 11 mins @ 9.5.

The treadmill turned. 9.5, Nah, lets try 10. Okay – I can do this. I’m aiming for 2 k in 11 mins.

At 1.90k the machine decided I’ve reached my maximum heart rate…


Kept jogging on the spot. Machine back on as quick as I could. Back to 10 and for some reason set for 10mins even though I only had 0.2k to go.

So what did I do?

0.2k? Nah,

I just kept on running!

I’ll do to five mins I said, well that’s another 0.85.

Might as well do the last 0.25…

Well, that’s another K so I’m only 0.2 off 3k now so well… Keep on running, keep on running Dory sings in my head.

So I did!

3 minute Jo is long gone. I said goodbye to her weeks ago.

3K Jo is here (for now) so there’s no excuses.

Just keep running!

5K here I come!


Appearing to Dissapear

But I’m still here.

I don’t like to write for the sake of it. I want to have something to say. I was always told I talk to much and for those of you who know me you will know this is true and I always have something to say! But of course, I’m not talking about just ‘something’, like what I had for dinner last night (A very naughty not gluten free papa johns pizza now you’ve asked), I’m talking about the big things.

I’ve just been finding it hard to write recently. I started The Mother’s Story and it is so difficult to write. It doesn’t ‘feel’ right yet. It doesn’t have that flow. It’s also very emotionally draining to put my experiences into words. It’s not just writing, it acknowledging what I’ve been though and facing it for what it is. I cruised through it all, as I do, walls up, not dealing, just moving forward , getting it done. So, I guess the writing is dealing, and I guess part of me just isn’t ready for some of that yet!

But I need to write. It helps me leave myself behind. To be stronger. To be wiser. To be me.