From 3 minutes to 3k

Man running in a gym on a treadmill concept for exercising, fitness and healthy lifestyleToday I’m feeling proud of myself.

When I first started going to the gym I could barely run 3 minutes without the ankle giving me trouble. Now it’s a very different story.

I worked up to 10 minutes, running at 9.0 (whatever that is). Then I worked up to 9.5 and then did 11 mins.

Today I set the machine for Heart Rate, 11 mins @ 9.5.

The treadmill turned. 9.5, Nah, lets try 10. Okay – I can do this. I’m aiming for 2 k in 11 mins.

At 1.90k the machine decided I’ve reached my maximum heart rate…


Kept jogging on the spot. Machine back on as quick as I could. Back to 10 and for some reason set for 10mins even though I only had 0.2k to go.

So what did I do?

0.2k? Nah,

I just kept on running!

I’ll do to five mins I said, well that’s another 0.85.

Might as well do the last 0.25…

Well, that’s another K so I’m only 0.2 off 3k now so well… Keep on running, keep on running Dory sings in my head.

So I did!

3 minute Jo is long gone. I said goodbye to her weeks ago.

3K Jo is here (for now) so there’s no excuses.

Just keep running!

5K here I come!


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