Racing for Life!

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Last week was a big week for me.

The previous week, in one of my moments of crazy, when I was asked if I fancied doing a Race For Life, I surprised both myself and my family by replying with ‘Yeah, why not.’

Gym day Tuesday I challenged myself to run the 5k, even though 3k was the most I’d ever done, twice. Another surprise, I pretty much did it, floundering at 3.7k, I took a minute to walk and recover and then carried on, all at a pace of between 9 and 10 on the treadmill. Finished in 33mins. Not bad for a first go.

For the next two days my legs ached so I focused on muscle training rather than running with high incline power walks and high speed cycling.

Friday was spent walking around a shopping centre and Saturday was a rest day.

Runday Sunday came – with the Sun. A roasting 30•c!

My group included children. I expected to be walking most of the way. Luckily the youngest member of the group wanted to run and bless her, she did, for the first 1k, I was so impressed. We jogged for a bit further but the heat was getting to the other kids. Luckily another member of the group knew how important it was to me to try to do this run and told me to go on.

I hit the 2k mark at a good pace but the heat was intense. I could feel my ears and nose burning. By 2.5k I had slowed to a jog and had to walk occasionally to drink my rapidly depleting water. I didn’t let myself walk for longer than a minute. I ran in the sun and was only allowed to walk in shaded bits of the course where there was no spectators. Little rules and determination kept me going. I barely walked at all. I didn’t even notice 3k and before I knew it I was at 4K.

The home stretch!

A final min walk so I could finish at a good pace, I don’t think I lasted the minute. I was too excited. I soon crossed the line. I didn’t even stop, I was so happy. I grabbed my medal and a bottle of water (they didn’t give any out around the course which I found shocking) and found our group. I was so hot. Ice packs were put down my top,  and I grabbed a freezing cold smoothie from our ice box.


Then, it occurred to me, I didn’t even know the time. How fast was I?

45mins ish, wow. I’m pretty impressed with that given that it was my first ever actual run, not on a treadmill, keeping my own pace, knowing the start was slow.

Now I was proud and happy. I’d done it. In fact, I’d do it again.

Hello 5K Jo.

Best get training.


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