Letting go of 5k Jo

I want to be fit.

I want to go to the gym three days a week.

I want to run 5k easily.

I want to run 10k easily.

I want to be strong.

I want to do fifty sit ups.

I want to do fifty squats.

I want to leg press 50lbs.


 I want my brain back.

I want my hair to stop falling out.

I want my skin to clear up again.

I want to stop feeling tired by 3pm.

I need to stop. I need to be responsible for my health. I need to understand that sometimes exercise isn’t good for you.

My symptoms scream thyroid.

So I googled. Exercise and hypothyroid. I have found an interesting medical study which could explain why my symptoms have returned.


Basically, if you exercise at over 70% of your maximum heart rate, as I did on a daily basis, it can stop your body from producing enough T3. Your body also produces more cortisol as a stress response as it does not recognise the difference between life stress and exercise stress and we know cortisol is bad for the thyroid.

I need to stop for my thyroid. I need to see if my symptoms go as my T3 stores build back up.


I have to stop because the gym at work is closing. Perhaps the world is trying to help me?


I have to stop as the mother demands it. The mother demands my hormones to be stable. The mother demands my health to be at its best. The mother demands a chance.

So, sorry 5k Jo. It’s time to let you go. At least for now…


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