Monitoring Cycle


So, we are finally getting back on the roller-coaster after a nice break away.

Last week I had my mid-cycle scan & immunes whilst my Partner gave his sperm sample for analysis.

I expected to be nervous as I was concerned my left Ovary would have another endometrioma or would be heavily scarred but instead I was strangely relaxed.

We entered the ARGC a little early and queued for reception. I filled in the wait list with my name and patient number and we took a seat in the waiting area. It wasn’t long before we were called back to reception where we were given the slips for our tests and made the payment for that days tests. We were then handed our file which had a giant floor two sign on the front.

So up we went to a little room on the second floor where one of the Doctors was waiting to do my scan.

It was the usual elegant affair, legs akimbo with the giant wand scanning my insides, finding my uterus and then each ovary in turn.

The uterus looked good, lining a healthy thickness.  The right ovary looked fine, not as cysty as I remember. Then the left. And there it was, staring back at me like a beady eye.

“There’s your dominant folical, on the left ovary” the doctor pointed out.

“I know.” I replied.

“How do you know?” She asked.

I couldn’t reply. I didn’t want to be rude or come across as a knowitall. The voice inside screaming “I can probably read these things as well as student nurse after the number of these I’ve had!!”

Instead, questions, answers, looking good.

So off we tootled, blood test slips in hand to the clinic on Harley Street.


20 mins later, 11 viles of blood and a urine sample lighter, we went to grab some breakfast before the boyfriend gave his sample.

We arrived at the clinic on Great Portland Street a little early but it was empty so he paid and was in quickly.

What seemed an eternity later he came out. He was trying not to laugh.

He explained what had happened in the way to the tube. I can’t tell you, he’d never forgive me, so I’ll leave it to your imagination.

*Insert giggling Jo here*



Metformin Month One


Wow, hasn’t it gone quickly.

I’ve got to admit I was worried, especially when I was going to be on holiday for the first week of full dosage 3 x 500 a day. All the unpleasant side effects I’d read about…

So here’s how it went.

There may be some tmi in here so this is the warning bit.

Week 1

I started with just taking the Metformin at dinner as this is the meal I eat almost everyday without fail. All was fine. A bit of indigestion but I figured I was sleeping through most of the side effects.

Week 2

This was the tricky one. Thyroxine when I wake up. Wait an hour to take serrapeptase. Wait an hour to eat and take Metformin. So I took the Serra on the tube instead of in the office and then I could eat breakfast at work. Not a problem. The weekend however, proved tricky. I needed to make sure I ate breakfast. I’m so bad at that. I’m sure one slipped to lunch. Again, no real side effects but a bit of gas every now and again. I did notice changes in my energy levels. Less of a mid afternoon crash. My brain was less foggy for sure. In terms of my body, my skin got worse, it’s like being a teenager again. But I had increased ewcm which is a good sign.

Week 3
Original Name: PLAYA-GAVIOTAS-48341Vacation week.
I thought this would be the hard one, but, it was the easiest. I guess because we were all inclusive so meals were there, scheduled, we just had to go get them. It was really easy to remember and I made sure the gaps between the meals were even. I’ve been lucky in that the only side effects have been gas and poor skin. That said, I think the gas is to do with what I eat as sometimes there’s no side effects at all.

Week 4

This turned out to be the hardest week, getting back into routine. At work is fine but on weekends and days I work from home I’m terrible. It’s my own fault. I just don’t do breakfast. I forget. I need to make sure I don’t. It needs to be routine.

This is also the week of my first period on Metformin. It was shorter and slightly lighter. Pretty much all of the flow was on day one. I can only assume it’s my body getting used to the Metformin.

So, Month 1 is done and I’m going to keep on taking it. It’s not giving me any horrible side effects and I don’t have anything to lose.

Good job Jo. Now get some breakfast!!!