Remembering myself…the legal bit.

The thoughts and ramblings of someone just the right side of crazy.

This is the legal bit; a disclaimer.

This website is my life. It belongs to me. These things happened to me. The thoughts and opinions are my own, unless they belong to someone else, in which case I will state this clearly.

This life is not for sale. My story is not for retelling, at least not without explicit written permission from me.

This life is my own. This story is my own. This site is my own. I own copyright because I am me.

I have, and will, use photos from the web on here, but I have and will always check the rights.

But, mistakes happen.

If you think I’ve used something of yours and you’d rather I hadn’t, please let me know and I’ll swap it out.

If you want to use something of mine, please just ask and we can sort something out.

Always with love.

J x